About Rescued Textiles


At the heart of our brand is a passion for textiles. Our mission is to create true luxury for your home with one-of-a-kind handcrafted pillows upcycled from some of the most beautiful textiles in the world.

Did you know that millions of tons of textile waste end up in landfills, or worse, are incinerated, every year? Our goal is to rescue these treasures - remnants, project leftovers, discontinued end-of-bolts, and unwanted samples that have never been used – before they are tossed.

Rather than source one particular style, we carefully select each rescued textile for its own unique beauty and provenance. Each piece sparks a unique and creative combination of coordinating fabrics, textures, color and trim, respecting the tradition of the fabric, but sometimes adding the unexpected and the whimsical, for a truly unique style statement.



My creative journey began tagging along with my mother as she made a new home for our globe-trotting family at each new posting – whether in Asia, Europe, or the Middle East. From her, I learned an early respect and appreciation for diverse cultures and the work of local artisans.

A child of the Great Depression, she was the original frugal up-cycler, creatively repurposing or crafting from whatever she could find locally, long before it was chic. Brass rubbings we made together in ancient churches became wall art; a neighbor’s 100-year-old piano languishing in a damp basement was spared the axe and its case lovingly restored by Dad; traditional patterns of blue and white china “rejects”, found at local potteries, were our mix-and-match everyday dishes; etched brass urns from the souk were wired for reading lamps; baskets held books; textiles hand-woven following typical motifs on old looms in seaside villages became tablecloths.

My favorite excursion was to Colefax & Fowler to swoon over one fabulous chintz after another, looking for the little bit to be made into a pillow. Wherever we moved, even if temporarily, we had a very stylish, truly global, crazily eclectic, and lovingly created home.

Thanks, Mom, for the education and the memories!