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  • William Morris Antique Pimpernel Scarf 100% Cotton
  • William Morris Antique Pimpernel Scarf 100% Cotton
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William Morris Antique Pimpernel Scarf 100% Cotton

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Softest shades of sage and blue-green fill the design on a dark navy background. Pimpernel is an unusual figure of eight design inspired by the 1876 wallpaper of the same name and features tulip leaves and flowers in a graphic modern style. William Morris was a Victorian era poet, novelist, textile designer and an important figure of the British Arts and Crafts Movement. His designs had a medieval-inspired aesthetic and respect for handcraftsmanship and traditional textile arts.

  • 100% cotton with petite hem
  • Approximately 21 – 21 inches square
  • Handmade locally in the USA
  • Hand wash in cold water

At Rescued Textiles, our mission is to rescue remnant textiles, project leftovers, discontinued end-of-bolts, and unwanted fabric samples that have never been used – before they are tossed, end up in a landfill, or worse, are incinerated. We use as much of our rescues as possible to make one-of-a-kind handcrafted pillows that are a sustainable yet stylish statement for your home. But even we have leftovers and are thrilled to introduce a line of gifts and accessories to creatively upcycle these smaller pieces.